Wednesday, March 15, 2017

More On Retainers

Several patients underestimate the importance of wearing their retainers after their braces come off, but it’s actually one of the most critical post care practices to keep your teeth straight. After all the time, money, and energy spent on braces, why spend all that when you don't plan to keep them straightened after treatment?

What is a retainer?

A retainer keeps teeth from moving back to the positions in which they started before you got braces. There are many different types of retainers—some are removable and some are permanent, some retainers are made of plastic and metal, and some are all plastic or all metal.

How long do you need to wear your retainer?
If you've been given a removable retainer by Dr. Spannhake you may be wondering how long you need to wear it. It takes time for your tissues and bones around your teeth to reorganize and set into place after braces treatment.

The amount of time you’ll need to wear your retainer depends on your unique situation, but typically, retainers should be worn at least as long as the time you spent in braces. You might need to wear them full-time for a while, and then transition to wearing them only at night. Dr. Spannhake will have a treatment plan especially for you, and if you stick to it, you'll always have a straight smile.

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