Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Common Problems: Crowding

On average kids have 20 teeth and adults have 32 teeth in their mouths, but when you don’t have enough space teeth the result is crowding.

Crowding of the teeth is one of the most common orthodontic problems. Dental crowding occurs when there is not enough space to fit teeth within the jaws. There are other factors that can contribute, but this problem typically stems from a discrepancy between the space in each jaw and the size of teeth.

When crowding occurs teeth may be overlapping and displaced, which can cause a number of functional and cosmetic issues. Crowding can be the cause or result of other problems, such as impacted teeth, retained teeth or teeth that do not naturally fall out. Depending on the severity of the crowding determines which treatment option is best for you. Some cases call for extractions or surgery, but the most common treatment for crowding is braces.

If you think you may be experiencing crowding schedule a consultation today and we can determine what treatment is best for you!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It Just Takes 2 Minutes 2 Times a Day

Seeking orthodontic treatment is a great way to make sure your oral health is in good shape. However, there are other factors that affect the status of healthy teeth. Brushing, flossing and eating habits are just as important.

When treating your teeth Dr. Spannhake and her staff want to be sure they are working with healthy teeth and developing healthy habits start at a young age.

Did you know that the baby teeth that appear in the first 3 years of a child's life have been there since birth, in the baby’s jawbones? Those baby teeth are key for chewing, speaking and appearance. They also hold space in the jaws for upcoming adult teeth. Even though they fall out, baby teeth are important and you need to take good care of them.

In an effort to help keep kids' mouth's healthy, The Ad Council has started the 2min2x Children's Oral Health Campaign. For healthier teeth, good breath and fewer cavities kids need to remember to brush their teeth for 2 minutes, twice a day. Adopting these healthy brushing habits can help save children from a lifetime of tooth pain.

Helpful Brushing Tips:

  •     Brush with a fluoride toothpaste. 
  •     Place the toothbrush at an angle against the gums. 
  •     Move the toothbrush back and forth, gently, in short strokes. 
  •     Brush the tongue to remove germs and freshen breath. 

At Spannhake Orthodontics we care about the overall oral health of all of our patients. If you have any questions about your oral health, please contact our office today. For more tips please visit 2min2x.org.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Super Summer Smiles

Summer vacation is the best time of year for most kids. The weather is great here in Maryland and it's time to get out and have some fun in the sun. For the kids this means slumber parties, staying up late, playing video games, visiting the orthodontist. Yes, you read that right we did say visiting the orthodontist.

Healthy teeth do more than provide your child with an opportunity to show off their smile. Healthy teeth enable your child to be more confident, allow for easier social development and help to promote over-all good health.

Most orthodontic problems are inherited, and therefore cannot be prevented. However, early diagnosis and treatment by Dr. Spannhake can often guide facial development and tooth eruption, and thereby prevent more serious problems from occurring. While your child’s teeth may appear to be straight, there could be a problem that only an orthodontist can detect.

The upcoming school year is like a clean slate just waiting to be filled with good memories and opportunities for growth and adventure. So embrace the summer months and give your child a happy, healthy smile!

Just the Facts: 
According to surveys taken by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
9 out of 10 Americans agree that an attractive smile is an important social asset.
3 out of 4 Americans agree that an unattractive smile can hurt a person's chances for career success.
1 out of 2 Americans are satisfied with their smile.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Seven is the Magic Number

It seems like braces and teenagers go together like peanut butter and jelly. But did you know that children should really be seen by an Orthodontist as early as age seven for an evaluation? 


We know seven sounds crazy and way too early to be thinking about braces. However, early diagnosis and treatment by Dr. Spannhake can help guide facial development and tooth eruption, thereby preventing more serious problems from occurring later in your child's life. And treating children during these early growth stages allows Dr. Spannhake  to achieve results that may not be possible once facial bones have fully developed.

A check-up may reveal that your child’s bite is fine. Or it may determine that early treatment is indicated to prevent or intercept more serious problems from developing as Dr. Spannhake can detect subtle problems with jaw growth and emerging teeth while some baby teeth are still present. While your child’s teeth may appear to be straight, there could be a problem that only Dr. Spannhake  can detect.

Through an early orthodontic evaluation, you will be giving your child the best opportunity for a beautiful, healthy smile.

Now...don't worry if your child is older than seven...it's not too late for a check-up, especially if you or your family dentist notice a problem.

All patients differ in both physiological development and treatment needs, at Spannhake Orthodontics, our goal is to provide each patient with the most appropriate treatment at the most appropriate time.

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