Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Let Us Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces

If you want a straighter smile but don’t want to spend years of wearing traditional metal braces, Invisalign is the perfect option for you. At Spannhake Orthodontics we are a provider of Invisalign and have years of experience permanently correcting alignment issues in a shorter time than traditional braces.

Keep reading to discover a few of the benefits of Invisalign and why more people are opting for this alternative.

Invisalign is clear.

Not only is Invisalign effective, but the straighteners are nearly invisible and can be worn without detection. This eliminates the negative impacts of anxiety or low self confidence that usually comes with traditional metal braces.

You can remove them.
Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners can be removed instantly and easily. You can take them in and out without compromising your treatment.

You can eat anything.

Because you can remove the Invisalign aligners at your leisure, you don’t have to avoid any foods like patients with traditional braces do. Invisalign makes it easy to eat whatever you want, whenever you want and never worry about your meals ruining your orthodontic treatment.

Other wonderful reasons to opt for Invisalign:
  • No difficulty eating
  • No discomfort from wires
  • Affordable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Less Appointments

Do you want to know if you're a good candidate for Invisalign treatment? Schedule an appointment now. Just visit our website for more information and new patient forms.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Random Acts of Kindness Week

It's officially Random Acts of Kindness week! If you've never heard the term "Random Acts of Kindness" or you're not familiar with what the definition is, we've got you covered! Random Acts of Kindness is a time to focus on doing good. Whether it's by a physical act, such as giving someone a hug, donating time to help an organization, or something more simple such as sending a kind text message or email. These all play into doing good for someone or something other than yourself.

That's why this week has been reserved to nationally recognize and emphasize participation in Random Acts of Kindness, or as some refer to it as RAK Week! Are you ready to join in with some acts of kindness? Then keep reading and get some easy and fun suggestions we have to help you on your kindness mission this week.

RAK Week Suggestions:
  1. Leave a treat for your mailman or garbage collector. Better yet, if you’re home when they come by, personally hand them some water, Gatorade or snacks.
  2. Passing by a homeless person is an everyday occurrence and most people don’t even bother to acknowledge them. If you don’t feel comfortable giving a homeless person money, give them food or a gift card to a restaurant nearby.
  3. Praise a coworker for their presentation or diligence on a recent project. Make it even more meaningful by doing it in front of others, especially their boss.
  4. Leave money and a note in a public place. Don’t think about where the money will be spent; simply leave it knowing a passerby will find the money, read the note, and appreciate the small present.
  5. Try to compliment at least one person every day, even if it happens to be a stranger (this may even prove to be more genuine). Just offer the compliment and walk away without asking for a phone number or date.
  6. As we get older, everyday tasks become more tedious and exhausting; offer your assistance to an elderly person who’s carrying their groceries, crossing the street, etc.
  7. If you notice the person behind you in line has fewer items or is a mother with young children, let them go ahead of you.
  8. Some individuals get bullied or taken advantage of – stand up for someone who is being mistreated.
  9. Leave laundry detergent and a bag of quarters at the Laundromat. Leave a note and ask the stranger to pass on the kindness.
  10. Remind your children why you love them regularly. Always build a child’s self-esteem and
    encourage them to try new activities, foods, or challenges.
Just knowing that you made someone else smile or feel appreciated should be enough to brighten your own day. If you're feeling extra generous, leave us a rating & review on Facebook, google, or our website!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Don't Snore Your Life Away

Daytime tiredness, obesity, high blood pressure, headaches, acid reflux, hyperactivity — all these can be signs of one very serious and possibly fatal health condition: Sleep Disordered Breathing.

Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB)
SDB is labored respiration while asleep. Difficulty breathing at night may stem from constricted nasal passages or an obstructed oral airway.

SDB ranges in severity from snoring (an indication of the onset or existence of an SDB problem) to Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome (accompanied by gastroesophageal reflux and asthma) to Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a condition marked by a complete cessation of breathing for 10 seconds or more. This can occur hundreds of times a night without the sufferer’s knowledge.

Sleep Disordered breathing is linked to Obesity, Cardiovascular Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Insulin resistance (Diabetes), Glucose intolerance (metabolic disorders), Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and a host of other problems.

Ask Dr. Spannhake how Oral Appliance Therapy can help you stop snoring and improve your overall health.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Feb 4th is World Cancer Day

February 4 is World Cancer Day, a day to push the fight of the disease and push for a cure. This day has gone viral online through the use of social media and popular hashtags #WeCanICan and #WorldCancerDay since it started back in 2000. The campaign is aimed to promote research to cure cancer and prevent the disease, as well as improve treatment to patients and raise awareness about the disease.

According to the American Cancer Society, 14.5 million Americans who have or had cancer are living today, and the number continues to grow. Every year over 1.5 million Americans are diagnosed, and 14.1 million people globally are diagnosed too. Breast, bowel, lung, and prostate are the most common types of cancers doctors say. With the large impact cancer has, we at Spannhake Orthodontics decided to show support by spreading awareness.

Watch this video to see how we can all do something about cancer.

Do your part and help spread the word! Take a picture holding up an inspirational word and use the hashtag #WeCanICan! Don’t forget to tag us!