Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Wearing Elastics

Braces are often the main line of treatment for most orthodontic problems and nearly always need to be augmented by elastic bands to help achieve perfect results. Elastics helps move your teeth so as to minimize the teeth gaps and cure the 'over-biting' complain.

At Spannhake Orthodontics we advise wearing the elastic bands in the following way:

From upper right canine to lower right first molar and from upper left canine to first lower left molar. You might face problems in placing these correctly initially, but don’t worry we will teach and help you accordingly.

You can follow this guide unless you are personally instructed to do yours a little differently by Dr. Spannhake.  The next time you visit Spannhake Orthodontics for the setting of your elastic bands, make sure you asks any questions that come to mind, and pick up a few extra bands to play it safe.

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  1. I also tried Orthofill Ortho Bands and it actually fixed my teeth gap