Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Look Younger with Orthodontic Treatment

Did you know braces aren’t just for straightening teeth? Most people don’t know this, but braces can actually improve the shape and structure of your entire face.  This can take years off of your appearance and is a great alternative to cosmetic surgery.  A lot of adults are starting to utilize orthodontics for altering their facial structure, or simply to help reduce wrinkles, as it is less invasive and more affordable.

Facial tissues and bone structures determine the shape of our faces, this includes your teeth. As the facial tissue loses elasticity throughout the years, and teeth sink in towards the tongue naturally, orthodontic treatment can help reverse these natural gravity changes.   When teeth start to lean in, orthodontists can use braces to help correct alignment and provide support for the lips. Ultimately, this can eliminate the fine lines around the mouth, depending on the treatment.

Obviously, the more orthodontic treatment you have done, the more visible and dramatic effect your appearance will have.  Simple, regular procedures such as straightening a few teeth will not result in the same effect as those who have more extensive work done.   Basic treatments too, can greatly impact your appearance.  Whitening and rebuilding worn teeth can give you a big leap in your overall appearance and are less drastic.

Remember, when you feel good you smile more, and when you smile more you look younger.Contact Spannhake Orthodontics for more information or to get your orthodontic treatment started.

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